Naturel, La Mocha, Limit, One Day

Naturel, La Mocha, Limit, One Day

LE 405.84

الحق عروضنا قبل نفاذ الكمية

Power: 0

اضف للمفضلةمقارنة
المورد: Cocyta

Naturel lenses la mocha color fit every type of eyes and every color too. With Naturel lenses and this different shade of brown color, your eyes will have a different style and look. Naturel lenses la mocha are for daily use.



  • You can wear it with or without makeup.
  • You can wear it while working out
  • UV blocker.
  • Used for cosmetic and prescription purposes.
  •  ISO Certificate.

Makeup looks that suit La Mocha Naturel lenses:

  • You can use brown makeup all over your eye and gold on the inner corners and center of your eyelid for a midday look.
  • Use volumizing mascara and eyeliner to enhance the drama.


frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to remove your contact lenses:
    1- Keep your lower and upper eyelids open with two fingers.
    2- With your thumb and index finger, gently pinch your lenses.
    3- Pull your contact lens down and look up.
    4- Put your contact lenses in the solution.

  • Is it possible for my Naturel contact lenses to get lost behind my eyes?
    - If you're concerned about losing a contact lens behind your eyes, don't let it deter you from using Naturel contact lenses. Naturel lenses are comprised of high-quality materials and are designed to remain on the eye's surface.