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Lazord Contact lenses may create a distinctive shape for you, as lazord lenses are distinguished in that they give a beautiful look and appear attractive, you can get them for different occasions and on a daily basis. One day disposable colored contact lenses.

Features of Lazord lenses: 

  • Soft contact lens 
  • Irritation-free 
  • Suitable for people with dry and sensitive eyes 
  • Moisture retaining 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Can be worn to the gym
  • Lazord lenses can be worn with makeup 
  • Suitable for one day

Makeup looks with Grey Lazord lenses: 

Lazord grey lenses can be worn with orange and neutral tones. 

For a fancy glam look, try pairing your lenses with a metallic gold liquid liner. The Grey Lazord lenses have blue undertones, to enhance them, try adding an icy shimmery blue shadow to your inner corners. 

For a more simple everyday look, try blending a neutral brown shade on your outer crease. Use a lighter matte shade closer to your inner corners to add depth. 

Frequently asked questions:

Can I wear my lenses while exercising? 

Yes, Doctors actually recommend that you wear your lenses instead of your glasses as they stay in place and offer a wider visual field than glasses. Lazord lenses are comfortable and irritation-free. They can be worn during any workout. 

We however do not recommend that you wear your contact lenses while swimming as pools and oceans can be filled with bacteria and the lenses can act like sponges and absorb the bacteria, putting you at a higher risk of infections. 

It is my first time putting in lenses, what is the best method to put them in? 

  • wash your hands with soap and water to get rid of bacteria and dust that may be on your hands. 
  • place your contact lens up right on your right index finger, it should look like a bowl 
  • Using the right middle finger, pull your lower lid down 
  • pull your upper lid up with your left index finger 
  • place your contact lens in 
  • blink to center the contact lens in place