Lorans Kadet Blue

Lorans Kadet Blue

LE 880.08

الحق عروضنا قبل نفاذ الكمية

Power: 0

اضف للمفضلةمقارنة
المورد: Cocyta

Lorans Contact lenses may create a distinctive shape for you, as Lorans lenses are distinguished that they give a beautiful look and appear attractive, you can get them for different occasions and on a daily basis. Multiple months in use.

Features of Lorans contact lenses: 

  • Suitable for dry and sensitive eyes 
  • Irritation-free
  • Can be used for prescription or cosmetic purposes 
  • Retain moisture 
  • Comfortable
  • Can be worn with or without makeup 
  • Can be worn while exercising 
  • Multiple months in use

Blue Lorans contact lenses: 

The magical blue eye color you have always dreamed of can now be yours with Lorans blue lenses. Lorans lenses can be worn with a lot of makeup looks, and suit all hair colors and skin tones. 

Makeup looks that suit Blue Lorans contact lenses:

  • For a bold look: A black smokey eye can look very attractive with these Lorans lenses. The dark eye makeup and bright Lorans lenses create a stunning contrast together 
  • For a natural look: try blending a warm-toned brown into your crease. The warm tones in the eyeshadow enhance the cool tones in the Lorans contact lenses. 
  • For a summertime look: use a peach eyeshadow, the pink tones in the eyeshadow will complement the blue Lorans lenses perfectly 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Can people who wear glasses wear contact lenses? 

yes, Lorans contact lenses can be used for cosmetic purposes and prescription purposes. People who require corrective vision can buy Lorans lenses that have a prescription. 



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