Azure Daily

LE 541.50

الحق عروضنا قبل نفاذ الكمية

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اضف للمفضلةمقارنة
المورد: Cocyta

Lazord Contact lenses may create a distinctive shape for you, as lazord lenses are distinguished in that they give a beautiful look and appear attractive, you can get them for different occasions and on a daily basis.
One day disposable colored contact lenses.

Features of Lazord lenses: 

  • Soft contact lens 
  • Irritation-free 
  • Suitable for people with dry and sensitive eyes 
  • Moisture retaining 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Can be worn to the gym
  • Lazord lenses can be worn with makeup 

Ways To Wear Makeup with Green Lazord Lenses: 

gold: Gold eyeshadows and eyeliners add a royal touch to the gorgeous green Lazord contact lenses. The gold color makes the green lenses pop. You can create both simple and Bold looks with these green lenses. 

Burgundy: For a very fiery attractive look try combining Lazord Azure daily lenses with Burgundy eyeshadow or a red lip. Both the red and green shades will contrast together and the green lenses will pop even more. 

Smokey eye: For a nighttime look try combining the green Lazrod lenses with a dark smokey eye. Blend grey, gold, and black tones for a gorgeous blend that can be worn to any fancy event.