Adore Green Pearl

Adore Green Pearl

LE 902.88

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اضف للمفضلةمقارنة
المورد: Cocyta

ADORE Guarantees a Prestigious Quality, State-of-the-Art Raw Material with Exceptional Value Added Properties, Optimum Safety, Maximized Comfort for Extended Wear Schedules, Easier Care, Handling & Fitting Features, Advanced Color Implantation Technology and Natural Eye-Color Change. Multi-month contact lenses

Features of Adore contact lenses: 

  • Soft contact lenses 
  • Permeable to allow oxygen into eyes 
  • 25% UV block 
  • Multi-month contact lenses
  • Can be worn with or without makeup 
  • Suitable for people with dry eyes 
  • Suitable for people with sensitive eyes 
  • Comfortable size 
  • Natural-looking 
  • Safe to use 

How to enhance Green Adore lenses: 

  • Plum eyeshadow: A classic plum color will bring out the green color in your Adore lenses
  • Yellow gold: shiny shades like this will bring out the speks of gold in your Adore lenses and will make them shine 
  • Mauve: Using mauve eyeshadow can help bring out the grey undertones in your Adore lenses 

Handling and properly preparing your lenses: 

  • Wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses
  • Don't use any sharp objects to handle your lenses
  • If you drop your lens on a nonsterile surface, make sure you clean it 
  • Make sure your lens is not inside out